41 Weeks:

More pictures

37 Weeks:

Operation baby seat is complete, thanks to the help of "Baby von Steiff."

36 Weeks:

For more "exposure," check out this shot of Sheila and Mike comparing bellies.

34 Weeks:

Hot Momma!
picture of Sheila's belly at 34 weeks
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Who doesn't love a picture of a big belly?

27 Weeks:

It's a girl!

We had another sonogram last week, and they're sure it's a girl. Hooray! Due date is November 21, 2007. Dan and Christina (Sheila's folks) are coming on the 25th, and we'll probably be taking the show on the road to sunny California for Christmas.

20 Weeks:

It's a girl, maybe

We had our 20 week ultrasound on July 6. The technician said she was "80%" sure it was a girl, but she was sitting "Indian Style" the whole time and we didn't get a good look. Sheila and I got to watch as the technician did a great number of checks to see that everything was ok, and it was amazing to see the baby's heart from the inside (all 4 chambers look great).

Picture of baby featuring spine

Picture of baby's head and abdomen

And here, by popular demand, are some pictures of Sheila and her belly. It's not quite big enough yet to be unambiguously pregnant, but that will be corrected shortly :) Picture of Sheila's belly

Sheila mugging for the camera with her belly

12 weeks:

Sonogram of our baby at 12 weeks

8 weeks:

Sonogram of our baby